The Penguin Sex That Was Too Hot for Publication

Want to see this text learn out in actual time with some bonus information about geese having countless quantities of homosexual intercourse? Then click on the video above. If you’d want to learn the unique textual content, you could find it beneath. 

Of all of the issues we thought we’d cowl on this website, penguin intercourse was proper on the backside of the checklist subsequent to the advantages of setting issues on hearth and the demise of Keith Richards. But alas, right here we’re.

In specific we’re right here to speak concerning the freaky-ass intercourse lifetime of the adélie penguin, which was so surprising for an early Antarctic explorer that he steadfastly refused to jot down about it in his diary in something aside from historic Greek. Why? To be certain that solely a really nicely educated particular person with purely tutorial curiosity may learn it, you recognize as an alternative of some wierdos who received off on penguin intercourse.


This explorer was a man known as, George Murray Levick, a person who spent a number of months residing amongst the adélie penguins of their pure habitat between the years of 1911 and 1912, studying their methods and insulting their costume sense. During this era Levick was an keen beaver witness to the adélie penguins breeding season, one thing no human would ever witness once more in its entirety for over a century.

However, what Levick witness was so monocle droppingly surprising to his early 20th century sensibilities that he was hesitant to even make word of them. So what was so surprising? Well to place it blunty, Levick noticed male penguins participating within the kinds of intercourse you get placed on a FBI watch-list for looking for on Google. Along with oodles of penguin foreplay and the occasional bout of rigorous and totally satisfying penguin intercourse, Levick noticed and made word of male penguins humping the shit out of deceased, frozen penguins that had been useless for days, weeks and in some case, years.

"Dear diary: Ewwwww" "George Murray Levick" by Herbert Ponting - British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (Ponting Collection)Reference: P2005/5/911. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:George_Murray_Levick.jpg#mediaviewer/File:George_Murray_Levick.jpg
“Dear diary: Ewwwww”

These surprising acts of penguin depravity shook Levick to his core and left him with a troublesome selection, the scientist inside him knew that he needed to file what was occurring as a result of, science. However, the gents inside him knew that what he’d seen would by no means be printed fucking wherever if he wrote about it actually. So, Levick hatched a crafty plan, he’d file every part he’d seen in excruciating element, however would achieve this in a language that solely a person of science would perceive, historic Greek.

As Levick anticipated, when he returned to England, he was solely in a position to get a PG-13 model of his paper printed and his personal with all of the intercourse and nudity eliminated, whereas his way more detailed administrators reduce notes concerning the journey and the way the penguins preferred to get their freak on have been privately studied by solely a handful of specialists.

It wasn’t till 2012, a full century later, that Levick’s findings have been correctly printed in an uncensored type when a curator on the Natural History Museum managed to dig up a duplicate of the authentic paper and was all, “no method” when he learn what they contained.

Just take into consideration that for a second, there are a bunch of penguins on the market whose intercourse life is so amazingly lewd, that an precise scientists needed to write all of his notes in a distinct language simply in order that he didn’t offend anybody. That’s spectacular anyway you have a look at it.

Header picture credit score: Reinhard Jahn, Mannheim -Licensed underneath Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.zero

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