The Most Awkward Scene within the Mask of Zorro

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That one scene within the Mask of Zorro film by which Zorro slicing off Elena Montero’s costume is so ingrained in popular culture that the whole scene has its personal entry on Wikipedia, oddly that’s not the weirdest a part of this entry, no, the weirdest half is that each individuals in that scene later admitted to being actually turned on by it.

Yes, each Antonio “Puss In Boots” Banderas and Catherine “is she still dating that old guy?” Zeta-Jones have expressed in interviews about their involvement with the traditional 90’s film that they have been each aroused by the whole scene. Like, actually aroused, which if we’re sincere, we may type of inform from Zeta-Jones’ response, but it surely’s nonetheless type of bizarre.

Banderas was making the exact same face just off camera.
Banderas was making the very same face simply off digital camera.

In a 2006 interview with E!, (boy is that going to play hell with our spellchecker) the pair each admitted that the whole scene was extremely arousing for them. Note that we didn’t say “romantic” or “not at all rapey” again there, which is type of essential as a result of so far as we will inform, Elena ought to have been terrified throughout that scene. She was simply attacked by a masked man with a sword who actually simply minimize off all of her garments, what a part of that’s arousing? The half the place he may have nicked an artery? The half the place he threatened to stab her within the neck? Seriously, since when was “erotic sword play” thought of an integral a part of turning a girl on and the place can we signal a petition to have it taught in faculties?

According to the interview, Banderas was aroused by Zeta-Jones’ magnificence whereas Zeta-Jones was turned on by Zorro’s curious approach of undressing her character. We’re undecided why precisely Banderas thought he wanted a sword in his hand to understand a buxom bare actress, however we’re certain as hell not going to pry into it.

No, what we’re going to do as a substitute is invite you to look at the scene for your self and ask you to remember that throughout the whole factor Antonio Banderas was most likely nursing an erection on the considered stab-stripping Catherine Zeta-Jones all the way down to her underwear. Now attempt watching the remainder of the film figuring out that.



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