‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ Made Hugo Weaving realise he was dropping his hair

The Matrix: Reloaded is definitely a film, that a lot we will all agree on. Although the standard of the movie’s story is considerably contentious, most individuals are in settlement that the motion scenes are fucking superior. But do you know that considered one of them made Hugo Weaving realise he was dropping his lovingly maintained man-mane?

Yes, the Burly Brawl, AKA, the scene the place Keanu Reeves makes use of punch-fu to kill limitless waves of Hugo Weaving clones made Agent Smith realise he was dropping his hair.

“We’re the same, you and I.”

According to Weaving proper up till he recorded that scene he’d all the time assumed that he had a fairly first rate head of hair and even notes that he’d try his man-mane within the mirror. All, presumably, whereas muttering “I’d still do me” below his personal breath.

This modified although when he arrived for work one morning and noticed a dozen stuntmen staring again at him carrying his personal fucking face. Oh and to be clear, that’s not hyperbole. You see to present the phantasm of there being a number of Hugo Weavings in the identical shot through the Burly Brawl the particular results crew created a number of Hugo Weaving masks for extras within the background of scenes to put on, utilizing CGI to map Weaving’s face onto actors nearer to the foreground. Here’s an image of Weaving dicking round behind the scenes with just a few of the extra high-quality masks to point out what we imply.

According to Weaving he took one take a look at these masks and realised that his hair had receded far additional than he’d assumed. A suspicion that was confirmed when he met up with a bunch of stunt actors whose hair had been styled by the make-up division to look precisely like his in order that they may CGI his face onto there’s, permitting him for the primary time to have a look at his personal head from the aspect. In a behind the scenes featurette you may truly see Weaving level straight at considered one of these further’s heads whereas laughing at how dangerous it seems to be because it dawns on him that that is what everybody else sees after they take a look at him.

Unfortunately we wrote this text after “What are those jokes” stopped being humorous.

Weaving took the entire thing in his stride and might be seen laughing about it behind the scenes, which is definitely type of terrifying contemplating he’s in full Agent Smith costume and surrounded by folks carrying masks of his face, nevertheless it’s good to know he wasn’t upset.

Oh and talking of masks, earlier than we finish this piece we should always point out that not each masks made for this scene was of the identical high quality as those pictured above since they had been solely meant to be seen for a couple of quarter of a second. This means in case you pause sure elements of the scene at simply the best second and zoom in you may see shit like this.

The one on the best positively simply regarded over his shoulder.

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