Most of the badass traces from ‘300’ had been precise Spartan quotes

The movie 300 took extra artistic liberty with the previous than that administrators reduce of Braveheart the place Mel Gibson punches out King John carrying a mirrored tuxedo. So you then in all probability assumed that every one the tacky one liners growled by Gerard Butler in the course of the movie had been the brainchild of some hack Hollywood author. As it seems although they had been truly taken instantly from actual life and in some instances, the model seen within the film was much less badass than the one uttered in actual life. 

For starters, the road “come and take them”, growled in response to Xerxes telling the Spartans at hand over their weapons within the film was primarily based on the actual King Leonidas’ reply to an analogous message from the Persian king. The solely distinction was the the actual King Leonidas didn’t converse English so he stated “Molon Labe“, which primarily interprets to “Come and take them” in Ancient Greek. The informal indifference with which the actual Leonidas muttered this line has made this one of many historical king’s hottest quotes and it lives on right this moment because the official motto of a department of the Greek army.

You know you’re a badass when a photos of you with a spear is used to symbolize a military with tanks.

As for traces that had been made much less superior by the film, Leonidas’ quip about combating the Persians within the shade upon being knowledgeable concerning the military having so many arrows they’d blot out the solar is a line traditionally attributed to one in every of Leonidas’ bravest troopers, Dienekes. Played within the film by Michael Fassbender with Conan the Barbarian’s haircut.

So how was the road extra badass in actual life? Well, in keeping with historians upon listening to the Persian military was so large its arrows may blot out the solar his response was to thank the soldier telling him as a result of it meant the approaching battle could be fought within the shade as an alternative of the recent solar. We’re presuming the one motive Dienkenes didn’t float off into the ambiance because of the lack of fucks he gave at that second was as a result of his forged iron testicles stored him rooted to the ground/

Another line made shittier within the film model was Queen Gorgo’s withering snipe about solely Spartan ladies giving beginning to “real” males. In the film the road is spat at a Persian messenger asking her what she thinks provides her, a girl, the precise to talk amongst males. The Persian messenger then appears on dumbfounded as his personal dick shrivels into his physique with such power it punctures all of his inside organs shortly earlier than Leonidas kicks him down a properly.

All in all, it’s a foul day for this man.

In actuality the road was barely totally different and was in response to query not from an abrasive Persian messenger, however one other lady whereas Gorgo was visiting the Greek metropolis of Attica.

The lady reportedly requested the Queen why solely Spartan ladies appeared to carry positions of energy in Greece whereas in the remainder of the identified world, ladies had been handled like second-class residents. Queen Gorgo’s response wasn’t a snide comment or a remark about Spartan ladies being higher like it’s within the film, however a frank reminder to the lady that with out ladies, males wouldn’t exist so that they’re truly those who maintain the actual energy. A press release that, to make use of trendy terminology is woke as fuck for a girl from 2000 years in the past.

And then some.

If you’re tempted to this these one liners are cherry-picked examples of how Spartan’s communicated, they’re actually not. Spartan society significantly valued the power to shit-talk individuals to the purpose kids had been taught from a younger age to provide smartass responses to questions. Because this was historical Sparta, youngsters who didn’t could be crushed if their solutions weren’t witty or concise sufficient.

Because of this we now know of a whole lot of Spartan put-downs and insults attributed to kings, troopers and unnamed Spartans who merely dunked on individuals so fucking arduous historical past was all like, we have to make a remark of this. Some examples of the latter embody one Spartan’s response to the query “Why do Spartan’s fight with such short swords?”

“So that we may get closer to the enemy!”

A Spartan lady’s response to being requested what she knew by a smarmy man whereas visiting a international metropolis:

“How to be free.”

And most amazingly of all, an unnamed Spartan’s response to seeing what he thought was an offended ghost:

“Where are you fleeing from me, you soul that shall die twice?”

Which he screamed whereas charging the ghost with a spear. Just to be clear, sure all of these quotes are actual. Especially the one a few Spartan attempting to stab a ghost to dying simply in order that he may declare to have killed one thing twice. Isn’t historical past superior generally?

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